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Use a digital service (returning users)

When to use

Only use this pattern when all the following apply:

  • users need to use a digital service regularly to complete a task
  • most users will not need to read the ‘Before you start’ information every time they use the digital service

When not to use

Do not use this pattern for tasks that:

  • the user only does once
  • already have a task-focused pattern

How to design using this pattern

Document type

Detailed guide


Make sure that the title is focused on the task users are looking to complete.

Content structure

Make sure the introduction text is as short as possible, so the green button is as close to the top of the guide as possible.

You should always use a green button in this pattern.

If the service requires users to sign in, you should also use the Government Gateway user ID and password pattern under the ‘Before you start’ heading.

                Use this service to ...

^Online services may be slow during busy times. Check if there are any [problems with this service]().^

{button start}[Start now](){/button}

## Before you start

## When you cannot use this service (optional)