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Tariff stop press notices

This pattern is archived

Tariff stop press notices are no longer published by the GOV.UK team so this pattern is archived. Tariff stop press notices are now available in the news section of the trade tariff tool.

When to use

Use this pattern to tell users about changes to the UK Trade Tariff, Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF), Customs Declaration Service (CDS) and monthly trade euro rate.

When not to use

Do not update a tariff stop press notice after it’s been published, unless it’s to correct a typo. A new one must be issued.

How to design using this pattern

Document type

Detailed guide


The title should be ‘[Description] (Tariff stop press notice [number])’.


Enter the contents of the tariff stop press notice, then add the following paragraphs.

Do not include numbers in section headings.

## More information

To stop getting the Tariff stop press notices, or to add recipients to the distribution list, email: <>.

Check the [UK Trade Tariff]( for the full duty rate, unit of quantity, preferences, quotas, footnotes and VAT rate.
Do not include other links that might appear at the end of source document, like links to UK trade tariffs volumes 1 and 3, or Tariff and CHIEF stop press notices.

Collection page

Add the URL of any new page to the Tariff stop press notices collection. Do not create a public change note.