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Forms: in a publication

Before you use this pattern, check which document type to use to decide if you should use a detailed guide instead.

For an example, check register for VAT if you’re distance selling into Northern Ireland.

How to design using this pattern

Document type

Publication: form (with a PDF, Open Document Format or external link attachment)



Decide if the title should focus on the action a user needs to take or the name of the form. This will depend on how users will find and navigate to the form.

Do not include the form number.


If there’s a form number you should include it. For example, ‘Register your business for VAT if you’re distance selling into Northern Ireland using form VAT1A.’


You should include a short summary of when to use the form including any links to any detailed guidance a user must read.

Print and post forms

These will be hosted on

If the form is a print and post form, include the following:

## Before you start

Make sure [your browser is up to date](

You’ll need to fill in the form fully before you can print it. You cannot save a partly completed form so we suggest you gather all your information together before you begin to fill it in.

You should check with the team who are building the form and the subject matter expert if you need to include the following:

If the form does not open, then [contact the online services helpdesks
for more help](

PDF forms that can be completed on-screen

If the form is in PDF format, include:

## Before you start

This form is interactive (one that you complete on screen) and you must use [Adobe Reader]( ) to complete it.

[Contact the Online services helpdesk]( if you have problems opening or saving the form.


If the address to send the form is not included on the form itself, include:

## Where to send the form

Welsh translation

If the form is not translated into Welsh and is applicable in Wales, include:

Email HMRC to [ask for the form in Welsh](

If the form is translated into Welsh, you do not need to include this in either the English or Welsh version.



If there’s a form number, include it in brackets at the end of the document title. For example, ‘Application for registration — distance selling (VAT1A)’.

Accessibility statement

G-Forms and forms in the Open Document Format are accessible. They do not need an accessibility statement.

For any other formats, you must:

Copy this text for an external link attachment in English:

Read the accessibility statement for HMRC forms.

Copy this text for an external link attachment in Welsh:

Darllenwch y datganiad hygyrchedd ar gyfer ffurflenni CThEM (yn Saesneg).

Collection page

Add the URL of any new page to the relevant collection. Do not create a public change note.