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Exchange rates — monthly

This pattern is archived

When to use

You should only use this pattern if you’re publishing monthly exchange rates in both CSV and XML. You will need to have access to Documentum.

How to design XML rates on HMRC.GOV.UK

You need to add the XML file to the software developer’s page under the relevant sub heading.

The XML monthly rates page is located in Documentum at ‘/softwaredevelopers/[yyyy]-exrates.html’.

A new file will need to be created yearly. Use the previous year as a template.

The XML file must be uploaded to the Documentum folder at ‘/softwaredevelopers/rates/’.

You must name the XML file using the format ‘exrates-monthly-mmyy.xml’.

You must publish the XML file before you publish the CSV file on GOV.UK because you cannot schedule publishing in Documentum.

How to design CVS rates on GOV.UK

Document type

Publication: guidance (with a CSV attachment)



The title should be ‘HMRC exchange rates for [yyyy]: monthly’.

For example, ‘HMRC exchange rates for 2022: monthly’.


The summary should be ‘Find foreign exchange rates issued by HMRC in CSV and XML format.’


^Find [exchange rates in XML format for software developers](^

You should use these exchange rates if you have to convert any foreign currency to sterling for customs and VAT purposes.

The EU rate includes the following countries:

- Austria
- Belgium
- Cyprus
- Estonia
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Greece
- Ireland
- Italy
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Malta
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Spain

You should only use the EU rate for conversion of invoices drawn in the euro. Do not confuse it with the euro rate published for Agricultural Levy purposes or the bit error rate (BER) daily rate set to help payment of taxes in the euro.

CSV attachment


The title should be ‘[Month] [yyyy]: monthly exchange rates’.

For example, 'July 2022: monthly exchange rates’.

Name of attachment

You must make sure the name of the CSV file is ‘exrates-monthly-mmyy.csv’ before you upload it.

Associations and specialist sector tags

  • Business and industry > Trade and investment > Customs declarations, duties and tariffs (import and export) > Exchange rates
  • Business tax: Import, export and customs for businesses

Collection page

Add the URL of any new page to the HMRC exchange rates collection. Do not create a public change note.