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Employer bulletins

When to use

Use this pattern when creating or amending employer bulletins.

How to design using this pattern

Document type

Publication: guidance (with an HTML attachment)



Employer bulletin: xxx [Month] xxx [Year]


A bi-monthly magazine for employers and agents that gives up-to-date information on payroll topics.


                HMRC publishes the employer bulletin 6 times a year, giving employers and agents the latest information on topics and issues that may affect them.

The xxx [Month] edition of the employer bulletin includes articles on:
* xxx

You can register for [HMRC’s employer email alert service]( to receive emails from HMRC which tell you when the latest issue is available.

You can read the bulletin on screen or print it off. It’s compatible with most screen reading software packages.

HTML attachment


xxx [Month] xxx [Year] issue of the employer bulletin


Enter the contents of the employer bulletin.

Do not include numbers in section headings.

Collection page

Add the URL of any new page to the HMRC employer bulletins collection. Do not create a public change note.