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Install HMRC Frontend in your prototype

While most HMRC patterns are created to automatically work with the GOV.UK Prototype Kit, some patterns have been created with specific HMRC styles.

This guide explains how to install HMRC Frontend to support these styles. You will only have to follow these steps once for your prototype. You must use version 9.0.0 or later of the GOV.UK Prototype Kit for these to work.

Step 1

Using GitBash or Terminal, navigate to where your prototype is. For example

cd ~/Documents/projects/project-prototype

If your prototype is already running, to stop it use

Ctrl + C

Step 2


npm install --save hmrc-frontend

Once you have installed HMRC Frontend, All HMRC patterns should work in your prototype.

You will now have the latest version installed, later you can easily update to the latest HMRC Frontend

To use the patterns, you should:

  • find the pattern in HMRC Design Patterns
  • copy the code from the example
  • paste the code into the page in your prototype

If you are using an older version of the prototype kit please use the manual installation steps for older prototype kits.